New CNC Bending on Three-Point Press Brake Hämmerle 250/3100 3P

Bending is done with three-point special dice and punches. Atypical bends are adjusted by the standard tools or by AQUAdem own punches and dice. CNC bending is computer controlled, which ensures the absolutely perfect shape of the final part. During bending the deformation of the press elements are scanned by special sensors, consequently evaluated and the compensations are performed in bending so that the result is the absolutely precise shape.

Many years of experience in CNC bending and major customers in the automotive, railway and aircraft industries guarantee the product quality.

CNC Three-Point Press Brake Hämmerle 250/3100 3P

  • Press pressure of 250t
  • Bending up to 3100 mm
  • Bending with special three-point dice
  • Repeated accuracy and precision of bends
  • Control system ByVision Bending with a 22inch touch screen


  • Bending up to 3000 mm
  • Digital measuring of seven axes
  • Digital measuring of the bending angle, the system DIGIPRO
  • Wide range of standard bending tools
  • Bending with atypical tools

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