Complex Material Processing with CNC technologies

The company trades in 3D measurement, separating surface materials with high-pressure water jet cutting as well as laser cutting; additionally, other complementary activities are also provided, including the subsequent finishing operations for manufacturing components. In terms of your needs, technology and economic aspects, other technologies are also available and allow us to complete further operations for your final product. The service also provides material for making your order..

AQUAdem Services in CNC Material Processing and Finishing Operations

So as to meet your requirements, the following technologies are available: CNC technologies water jet cutting, laser cutting, bending on press brakes Hämmerle, and AMADA, CNC milling and turning, PEMSERTER and HELICOIL technologies for assembly operations, the methods of tumbling, zinc coating, passivation of aluminum and dural parts, powder coating, sandblasting glass beads and anodizing are available for finishing and surface treatment. Each product can be provided with the control measurement protocol of 3D measurement – the most advanced technology of its kind, which will guarantee that the delivered product corresponds exactly to your specifications.

Each customer is primarily interested in pricing. Due to the complexity of final pricing for making your order and many aspects that affect it, there is no “universal“ pricelist. AQUAdem is able to prepare quotations based on your data within 24 hours.

Turnkey Orders

Customers just supply the specifications needed and send a fax or e-mail order. AQUAdem will provide the necessary materials, process the order and deliver the finished products to customer place.

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