AQUAdem mainly trades in CNC material processing, 3D measurement, water jet separating and other related machinery operations.

AQUAdem reference customers and partners include leading companies in the automotive, railway and aircraft industries. Modern technologies as well as top qualified professionals give a guarantee of 100% work on assigned contracts.

Technologie CNC (Computer Numeric Control) used for the processing of materials, enables highly accurate and precise manufacture of the parts ordered by customers. Using CAD and CAM control programs ensures full variability of AQUAdem production program.

3D measurement as a method for output control ensures the highly accurate manufacture according to customer requirements. The measurement department provides also commercial services in this area, including the measurement protocol, for external customers

Solar absorbers – In cooperation with VUT Brno, our company is involved in developing of new types of solar absorbers for water heating. More details here.

AQUAdem, s.r.o., Tovární 793/1, 634 00 Brno-Chrlice

+420 545 229 775